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HHSC Student Health Screening Information

  • Periodic screening programs are an integral part of the student health assessment and a state mandated requirement of the Indiana State Board of Health and Indiana State Board of Education. These programs are designed to detect children who deviate sufficiently from the established normal values and warrant further evaluation that could improve their physical and educational performance. Hamilton Heights School Corporation will conduct the following screenings:

    Vision Screening:

    A vision test, using the modified clinical technique, is conducted for each student enrolled in grade 1. A visual acuity screening will be conducted for each student in grade 3, grade 5, and grade 8. Vision screenings may also be given to any student who has transferred into the school corporation or to any student suspected of having visual difficulties.


    Hearing Screening:

    All students in grade 1, grade 4, grade 7, and grade 10 shall have an audiometer test, or similar test, to determine hearing efficiency. Hearing screenings may also be conducted on any student who has transferred into the school corporation or is suspected of having hearing defects.


School Nurse Staff

  • Julie Stonebraker

    Nursing Coordinator/High School Nurse



    phone: 317-984-3551 x1020

    fax: 317-984-3554


    Amber Osswald

    Middle School Nurse



    phone 317-984-3588 x2020

    fax 317-984 3231


    Lori Jones

    Middle School Nurse



    phone 317-984-3588 x2020

    fax 317-984 3231


    Corinna Ottinger

    Elementary School Nurse

    HHES Nurse


    phone 317-984-3547 x3020  

    fax 317-984-3540


    Sasha Reynolds

    Primary School Nurse



    phone 317-984-1530 x4020  

    fax 317-984-1544